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Our Company is Dedicated to assisting the needs of Businesses,and Investors. Our relocation services help Families find and sell homes in Utah. Our team has over 55 Years of Combined Experience. 

The spectrum of commercial real estate applications is very broad and encompasses many different types of needs.  Most commercial needs fall within one of the following areas.  If you have a need that doesn’t fall within one of these categories, chances are we can still help.  For further information or if you have a specific need, contact Laurie Gale via text or Email.

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Lease         If you need office workspace, it is important to know how much space you need, whether some of it includes conference rooms, how many specific offices, open space, parking spaces and budget.  Common Area Maintenance fees need to be considered when you enter into a leasing agreement.

Purchase   Purchasing an office building for your own use is very different from purchasing for investment.  Financing for these scenarios also differ both in down payment requirements  and security instruments for the loan.  We can help either way.  When you fill out the request form, please include as many details as possible so we can start out with information that will benefit you the most.

Lease         If you plan to start a business and need retail space, there are many options available.  I hope you have a good business plan before you get into this type of arrangement or that you have previous experience in whatever type of business you anticipate.  The Retail Commercial Lease is one of the more complicated arrangements you’ll encounter.  It is not uncommon for these types of leases to require royalties on a portion of your earnings.

 Purchase    Purchasing your own retail space probably sounds pretty daunting, but doesn’t have to be.  In the Salt Lake area there are a number of smaller retail type spaces that can be purchased pretty reasonably.  Also, SBA has special programs available for owner/users on commercial space.

Lease   There is a good supply of Industrial Space available for lease in the Salt Lake area.  Some of the information that we need to best assist you include:  a) size of space; b) intended use of property for zoning considerations; c) Overhead doors [ground or dock high]; d) Rail served; e) Utility needs; f) budget.

 Purchase      If you have cash, that’s great.  If not, we work with a couple of lenders that are very reputable.  Please note whether your purchase is intended for your own use or for investment purposes.  Down payment requirements and the best properties to fit your needs vary widely in these two scenarios.

Purchase    You may notice we don’t have a lease button next to this need.  Right now there aren’t very many hospitality type properties available in our marketplace.  The occupancy statistics are pretty good in our area and most operators are staying put.

Develop    If you anticipate developing a hotel, please let us know what type of franchise, if any, you intend to enter into.  It is important to be compliant with the requirements of the franchisor.

Purchase    If you intend to purchase multi-family property, I hope you have a huge down payment.  Current prices in our market place reflect between a 5 and 6% cap rate.  I honestly don’t know how you can make this very profitable unless you have almost all cash.

 Develop    If you intend to develop multi-family property, you need land with the proper zoning that will allow sufficient density to meet your goals.  This type of zoning doesn’t grow on trees, but there are still a few properties in our market place that could fill your needs.

Business for sale with Real Estate & Buildings
Investment properties have certain characteristics to look for.  All earnings are based partially on the risk you take, while limiting your time  spent attending to the property.  Make good choices before buying investment property. The different key ingredients are:

  1. Not too risky, do your homework.
  2. Be sure it isn’t a major time suck.
  3. Of course, pays a fair return.
Lease     In finding medical space, one of the most important things we’ve encountered is the location.  Do you need to be near a hospital or facility with surgical privileges?  There has been a lot of new development lately of hospital space particularly in some of the underserved areas toward the south end of the Salt Lake Valley, namely University Medical Center in Daybreak, the new Riverton Hospital for Intermountain Health Care and the Draper Hospital (Lone Peak) from Mountainstar Health Care.  Iasis is in the final stages of construction with their new hospital in Lehi.

Purchase    If you would rather purchase space, there are a number of primarily medical developments of Office Condominiums in our marketplace or entire buildings depending on your need.


 Development   If there is a specific type of development that you need, please give as much detail as possible so we can identify those properties that will best suit your needs.

Commercial Properties that we have listed or sold

Motel in Midvale

Salt Lake Behavioral Health

Sleep Inn - Ogden Utah

Motel 6

Beehive Assisted Living Center

Medical Center

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