1501 W 6235 So

Spacious Rambler

Open House Saturday May 18th  from 2pm to 4pm


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Living Room

Master Bedroom

Main Floor Laundry

Main Floor Bath


Kitchen Dining

Bedroom Main


Backyard Patio

Family Down

Bedroom Down

Hall Bath Down

Nestled in the heart of Taylorsville, Utah, at 1501 W 6235 So, this enchanting Single Family Rambler awaits its new homeowners with a promise of comfort, convenience, and charm. A beautifully designed residence that perfectly balances modern amenities with cozy living, making it an ideal haven for both relaxation and entertainment.

Boasting three generously sized bedrooms and two well-appointed bathrooms, this home caters effortlessly to families, professionals, and anyone in between.

Step into a living space where warmth meets elegance—the hardwood floors throughout the living areas emanate a timeless appeal, creating an inviting atmosphere that guests and residents alike will appreciate. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the plush carpeting in the bedrooms offering a soft landing at the day’s end, to the sparkling tile in the bathrooms, enhancing the clean, polished look of each space.

The heart of this home, a newly renovated kitchen, is a culinary enthusiast’s dream. Gleaming granite countertops set against modern cabinetry provide both beauty and functionality. High-quality appliances and ample preparation space make cooking and entertaining not just a task, but an enjoyable experience. Adjacent to the kitchen, the hall bath mirrors this sophistication with matching granite countertops, ensuring design continuity and elegance throughout the home.

Step outside to discover an expansive covered patio, inviting you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. It’s the perfect spot for gatherings, barbecues, or simply unwinding after a long day, with enough space to customize it to your own outdoor oasis. For those who value their vehicles or have hobbies requiring extra space, the property boasts a large area for additional parking alongside the convenience of a 1-car garage, ensuring that storage and parking needs are always met.

Situated in a serene neighborhood of Taylorsville, this home enjoys the tranquility of a suburban setting while remaining close to shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Parks, schools, and recreational facilities are merely minutes away, making it a perfectly positioned property for those who appreciate the balance of leisure and lifestyle.

This enticing Rambler is not just a house, but a place you’ll be proud to call home. Unpack your dreams here at 1501 W 6235 So Taylorsville, Utah, and embark on a delightful living experience marked by comfort, style, and convenience.

Fact Sheet  1501 W 6235 So

Discover the unparalleled benefits of setting roots at 1501 W 6235 S, a distinguished address nestled in the heart of Taylorsville, Utah. This article delves into the five key advantages of making this location your home, offering insights into its strategic positioning, vibrant community, and the array of amenities that elevate living standards. As we explore these benefits, it becomes clear why this address stands out in the realm of residential choices, promising more than just a place to reside, but a lifestyle coveted by many. Join us in uncovering the unique attributes that make 1501 W 6235 S, Taylorsville, Utah an unparalleled choice for discerning individuals seeking comfort, convenience, and quality of life.

Diverse Community And Lifestyle Opportunities

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Taylorsville, Utah, the suburb surrounding 1501 W 6235 S offers a remarkable blend of diversity and community, setting the stage for a rich and fulfilling lifestyle for its inhabitants. This area is distinguished not only by its welcoming atmosphere but also by the variety of cultural backgrounds and lifestyles it supports, underpinning a strong sense of community bonding and mutual respect. Residents enjoy an array of local events, community programs, and cultural festivals that celebrate the unique mosaic of traditions and heritages present. This constant pulse of community engagement and cultural exchange fosters a nurturing environment for families, individuals, and professionals alike, creating an unparalleled sense of belonging.

Moreover, the locale around 1501 W 6235 S is ripe with lifestyle opportunities catering to a wide range of interests and needs. From outdoor enthusiasts to those who prefer the indoor serenity of a cafe or gallery, Taylorsville does not disappoint. The area is dotted with numerous parks, hiking trails, and recreational facilities, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, the proximity to essential amenities, top-rated educational institutions, and a flourishing job market makes living here highly convenient and sought after. Whether one is seeking a serene retreat amidst nature, a supportive base for raising a family, or a dynamic playground for professional growth and networking, Taylorsville offers a well-rounded package, making it an ideal choice for establishing a home.

Exceptional Location And Accessibility

Nestled in the heart of Taylorsville, Utah, the address 1501 W 6235 S stands out as a premier choice for individuals and families seeking not just a place to live, but a community to call home. One of the most compelling advantages of choosing this location is its exceptional placement and accessibility. Taylorsville is a city celebrated for its welcoming community, scenic beauty, and strategic position within the Salt Lake Valley, giving residents of 1501 W 6235 S unparalleled access to a wide range of amenities, workplaces, and recreational opportunities. This prime location ensures that commuting is a breeze, with major highways and public transportation options close at hand, making it an ideal spot for both local and metropolitan area access.

Moreover, the vicinity around 1501 W 6235 S boasts an impressive array of retail, dining, and entertainment options. From local eateries and boutiques to parks and cultural centers, residents have everything they might need or want just a stone’s throw away. Furthermore, the area is known for its excellent schools and community programs, ensuring that families have access to quality education and activities that enrich the community spirit. The balance of tranquility and convenience offered by this location makes it an exceptional place for those looking to meld the serene Utah lifestyle with the benefits of urban living. Whether it’s the outdoor enthusiast drawn by the nearby mountains and trails, or the urban dweller who appreciates the proximity to Salt Lake City’s vibrant culture and business scene, 1501 W 6235 S caters to a diverse array of preferences and lifestyles.

High-Quality Educational Institutions Nearby

One of the standout benefits of residing at 1501 W 6235 S, in Taylorsville, Utah, is the proximity to high-quality educational institutions, catering to families and individuals prioritizing academic excellence and opportunities. This area is well-served by a variety of educational establishments, from esteemed public schools to prestigious private institutions, ensuring that residents have ample choice when it comes to education. The local schools are known for their commitment to high academic standards, innovation in teaching, and a supportive learning environment that fosters both personal and intellectual growth among students. Moreover, the area boasts several higher education facilities, including community colleges and universities, which facilitate lifelong learning and offer diverse programs for further education and professional development.

Additionally, the vicinity to such reputable educational institutions has a positive impact on the community’s overall character and values. It encourages a culture of learning and intellectual curiosity among residents, making it a stimulating environment in which to live. Families residing in Taylorsville, Utah, can take advantage of the programs and resources available, from advanced placement courses for high school students to various extracurricular and enrichment opportunities that cater to a wide range of interests and talents. This accessibility to quality education from early childhood through to higher education not only enhances the lives of those living in 1501 W 6235 S but also contributes to the area’s appeal as a desirable location for those who value academic excellence and the opportunities it brings.

Proximity To Natural Attractions And Recreational Activities

Nestled in the heart of Taylorsville, Utah, 1501 W 6235 S offers unparalleled access to a plethora of natural attractions and recreational activities, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an active lifestyle. The property is just a short drive from the majestic Wasatch Mountains, presenting residents with an opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscapes through hiking, mountain biking, or simply enjoying panoramic views. Moreover, winter sports aficionados will be pleased to find world-class ski resorts within proximity, providing endless adventures during the snowy seasons. This close-knit relationship with nature does not only promise a serene living environment but also encourages a healthy and active lifestyle, surrounded by the beauty Utah is renowned for.

Beyond the mountainous adventures, 1501 W 6235 S is also conveniently close to the numerous parks and recreational centers in Taylorsville, offering a variety of outdoor activities. Residents can enjoy leisurely walks, picnics, and family outings at the local parks, which are well-maintained and equipped with facilities for all ages. For those seeking more structured activities, the nearby recreational centers host a range of programs and classes, from fitness to arts, catering to the diverse interests of the community. This convenience of having both natural wonders and community amenities within reach enhances the living experience at 1501 W 6235 S, promoting a balanced lifestyle that nurtures both the physical and social aspects of well-being.

In sum, 1501 W 6235 S in Taylorsville, Utah, represents an ideal living destination for a myriad of reasons. From its diverse community that enriches lifestyle opportunities to its unbeatable location with supreme accessibility, this address stands out as a prime choice for prospective residents. Coupled with the proximity to high-quality educational institutions and a plethora of natural attractions and recreational activities, it offers an all-encompassing living experience. Choosing to make your home here means not only investing in a property but also in a lifestyle that promises fulfillment, convenience, and access to the best that Taylorsville has to offer.


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