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Common relocation questions. 

Utah Realty can help you make relocating you and your family a smooth experience and save you money at the same time.

When you’re moving away to a completely new area, a corporate relocation specialist can help cut your stress and anxiety immeasurably. Corporate relocation specialists understand that there’s much much more to a big move than packing your belongings and filing a change of address form with the post office. They have an elevated level of expertise,  as well as special experience and perspective,  that most real estate agents simply can’t provide to relocating homeowners.

Here is what we can do for you.

Just a few of the skills an experienced relocation specialist can provide:

Relocation Appraisals  or Broker Opinion of Value.

Accurate city-to-city comparisons for cost of living and housing.

Recommendations and evaluations of reputable moving firms and moving service providers

Counseling on family moves, and strategies for reducing relocation’s impact.

In depth and detailed knowledge of the communities that they serve, and what new residents should know.

Wide and deep connections with local organizations to help relocating homeowners join the community.

Assistance in a spouse’s job search by providing local resources.

Direction to essential advice on basic tax and legal implications of corporate relocation

…and more

Selling a home from where your are moving from.

Relocation specialists are trained to be an advocate in all aspects of your move. Moving to a new city is a disorienting experience at best, and a relocation expert can reduce your confusion, get your feet on the ground, and help you move ahead quickly and confidently find the right Realtor to sell your home in another State.

We only refer to CRS, Certified Residential Specialist insuring you a seasoned full time professional. We take the time to call, interview and pre-screen every Realtor first before sending them to you.  Utah Realty will require that the other Realtor agrees to a customer satisfaction  guarantee so that at any time you feel that the Realtor is not providing adequate service you can cancel the listing at that time.

Real Estate Relocation Incentive Program, anyone can have access to professional real estate services – even if the relocation is not part of a company-sponsored move. This program offers the added bonus of getting cash back with the sale and/or purchase of a home in states where allowed by law*.

When you register for the Real Estate Relocation Incentive Program, you will be connected to a dedicated Relocation Agent who will serve as an advocate throughout the process. The Relocation agent will assist with home buying or home selling needs anywhere in the United States and beyond.

Large third party relo companies charge big fees to the Employer and sometimes those fees reduce your equity on the selling side.

We will find a few highly aggressive top agents to pair up with you on the other side. We charge a referral fee to the other agent for this. We share 50% of that fee with you, Saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

If your are Buying or Selling a property in Utah where we Represent you here is an added bonus.

Once your property closes, funds and records,  you receive cash back equal to .025% of your home’s purchase price. Example: Buy a home, condo or townhouse priced at $300,000 and receives cash back reward of $750.00, buy a home priced at $400,000 and receive cash back reward of $1000.00.

*All cash back rewards are paid within 7 days after funding. Utah Realty is the representing brokerage on the listing side of the transaction. To be eligible for the Cash Back Rewards program you have completed the Home Buyer Rewards registration form below.

Gayle C. – Realtor at HomeSmart Realty

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Marty Gale. I had a client moving to his area and phone interviewed many Realtors in the area. Marty stood out above them all and took such good care of now “our” clients. They raved about his professionalism and service as well as his friendliness and good humor. He is the best and we would recommend him to everyone.

Dave W. Chemical Operations Manager

Marty Gale far exceeded our expectations as a Buyer’s Agent in the recent purchase of our home. His knowledge of the Utah real estate market is exceptional and with his experience in residential home construction he was able to provide beneficial advice in selecting well-built homes. The network of professionals that Marty works with are top shelf, his recommendations for home inspection and mortgage broker were perfect. Customer service from this team of professionals is some of the best we have worked with; this is our fifth home purchase. You will not be disappointed in choosing to work with Marty!

Relocation Negotiation

Five Items That Might Help You Negotiate When Relocating

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