Your have found that Job. The job of your dreams.  But you have to move to accept it. Moving is taxing and difficult. Even if you’re doing it for your dream Job.

Moving to a different state. Getting a new driver’s license,  changing and canceling utilities, finding new doctors, dentists, and other professionals. Finding a new home for you and and your family if you have one.  Packing , moving and unpacking. I got tired just thinking about it, and I’m not moving.  How about you?

Surveys show that somewhere between 37 and  44% of people will entertain a new career opportunity.  As a Realtor in business full time for over three decades we have moved our family nine times over the years. Feeling a little more dug in my current home more than ever.  However I would move again if the career opportunity was attractive enough.

Relocating is usually easier if your “to be new” employer helps with the move. Unfortunately corporate perks and dwindled away over the  last 15 years.  The cushy relocation packages and corporate paid  home purchases for employees have dropped dramatically.  Keep in mind there are  benefits worth negotiating for before you accept a job that requires you to sale your home and buy another one.  Like these.


1. Research Location

A happy family is the single most important considerations.  See that your family is open to relocation.  Researching your potential new home is going me a key factor.  “Edit book mark”  As a precondition for accepting my respective offers, I asked that each company allow my family to take two or three “reconnaissance” trips to the new state to look for permanent housing.

Even if you don’t find the perfect residence during those trips, they are invaluable to ensure that you get a flavor and sense of the new area. A new favorite restaurant or cultural attraction can go a long way in feeling more comfortable about your decision and getting buy-in from anyone who will be moving with you.

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