Get Up to $2000 Cash Back at Closing

Professional, experienced service along with loyalty rewards. Thank you for all that you do for us in your profession! We would be honored to help make your home purchase  a smooth worry free and affordable experience. Below are the benefits of our Veterans and Law Enforcement programs.


Home Buyer Rewards  is a “loyalty rewards” program.  For your loyalty, our unique programs reward you with a credit or rebate towards the purchase price. The rebate would be part of the Buyers’ Commission we receive at closing.


Home Buyer Rewards help reduce the cost of buying a home.  Rewards programs make buying property more affordable!

Our SPECIAL $500 Buyer Reward Program is our way of saying thanks. We like to invest in our buyer relationship and make it one you where you will want to come back to us in the future. We strive to impress you so you will be excited to  referrer  friends and Family to us.

Utah Realty has created a program that rewards you with cash at closing for calling us instead of onother agent when you buy or sell.

Here are some of the benefits for Veterans and Law Enforcement.

We will represent your interests throughout the transaction.

We will help you negotiate the best terms on your home sale or purchase.

We have a full team of experienced professionals, home inspectors, lenders, and handy man to help you.

Our goal is to help make the home buying process a fun & rewarding process.

How Cash Back Rewards work

Once your property closes, funds and records,  you receive cash back equal to .025% of your home’s purchase price. Example: Buy a home, condo or townhouse priced at $300,000 and receives cash back reward of $750.00, buy a home priced at $400,000 and receive cash back reward of $1000.00.

*All cash back reward are paid within 7 days after funding. Utah Realty is the representing brokerage on the listing side of the transaction. To be eligible for the Cash Back Rewards program you have completed the Home Buyer Rewards registration form below.

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