Those 24 hours before closing —  the home stretch to homeownership — is crucial. Preparation is key. The “final walk through” is your chance to make sure the buyer is getting exactly what they’re paying for. Bring a copy of your contract to ensure all included fixtures are present, and accounted for.

Still unsure what to do at the final walk-through? Consider this your guide: What to Check During the Final Walk-through:

  1. Stare at the walls: Without distracting decor, it’s easier to catch flaws. Are there water stains? Nail pops? Request a credit now, or live with it.
  2. Let there be light: Flip every light switch on and off to make sure there are no electrical issues. Of course, the electricity would have to be connected for this one but it’s 24-hours before closing, you should have already switched the power to your name.
  3. It’s getting hot in here:  Make sure the heating and cooling system works. This is a costly replacement if it doesn’t. Be sure to check the thermostat and vents as well.
  4. Dump some trash: Test the garbage disposal and stove top exhaust to make sure they work and that they’re still installed! You would be surprised what seller’s try to take with them. While you’re at it, check the bathroom exhaust fans too.
  5.  Cooking with gas: Make sure every eye on the stove turns on and that the oven gets hot.
  6. Hold the door: Well, you should actually open and close the door to test for squeaks. Be sure the doors present are the same doors you feel in love with. You wouldn’t want those solid core vintage doors to be replaced with inexpensive hollow doors. Count how many door locks you need to replace after you close. Ring the doorbell, too.
  7. Air it out: Open and close all windows and check that they are properly sealed. A draft could mean a high energy bill, however, this is something your home inspector should have noted in his report.
  8. Power up: Bring a phone charger to check all that all the outlets work. If not, you might need to flick a switch on the circuit breaker. If that doesn’t work, you may have something to negotiate.
  9. Last-minute leak:  Check for leaks or cracks around all visible piping.  Run all sinks, showers, bathtubs, and flush toilets. While the home inspection should have caught any leaks, this is your last chance to make sure you’re not stuck with a huge repair.
  10. Don’t forget the garage:  Test the garage door opener. Make sure the auto-reverse feature works. More importantly, be sure the seller gives you all garage remotes or fobs.
  11. Trash day:  Make sure the sellers didn’t leave a pile of rotting trash for you to clean up. Hopefully, the carpet has been professionally cleaned and the house is broom swept fresh.

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