2023 Spring Flooding

Know flood risks. Check to see if you live in a flood zone or high-risk area (Flood Map/FEMA QR code). Be aware of runoff in streams, drainage channels, ditches, and other waterways near your home. Consider flood insurance. Homeowner policies don’t cover floods. You need a separate policy. Document personal property. Document personal property with photos or video. Safely store it and other valuable documents away from your home. Utilities. Locate switches and valves for electricity, gas, and water, and know how to safely turn them off. Prepare to evacuate your home. Know when and how to safely evacuate. Establish a meeting place in case you become separated during an evacuation. Select an out-of-town contact to inform them of your safety. Prepare and maintain 72-hour kits for each family member and an emergency kit for your vehicle. Plan for pet care. Emergency shelters may not allow them.


Marty Gale

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Licensed Since 1986


PSA  (Pricing Strategy Advisor)

General Contractor 2000 (in-active)
e-pro (advanced digital marketing) 2001
Certified Residential Specialist 2009

Certified Negotiation Expert 2014

Master Certified Negotiation Expert 2014
Certified Probate Specialist Since 2018

Senior Real Estate Specialist

Certified Divorce Specialist CDS


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